Frequently Asked Questions

 What’s DY Printing Box turnaround time?

Our regular turnaround time is 15 business days after payment and proofs are confirmed. For rush order, please contact us for detail. We also offer cost effective turnaround time 10-12 weeks, with this turnaround time, you are able to receive the very cost effective unit price.


What is Die lines?

Die lines are the package templates that ensure a printed product is properly laid out. This diagram is a flattened representation of each of the folds and cut lines for a piece of packaging and can be found on boxes, pocket folders, and envelopes. Creating accurate die lines involves several steps.

Do you have designer in house and provide the design services?

  • Yes, we have in-house designers for your packaging and graphic design requests.


What is CYMK?

  • CMYK color is cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink. Each color prints from a separate plate as dots and screens in layers to create colors. CMYK is also known as process color or four color printing. CMYK will always be the standard in most color printing

What is PMS Colour?

  • PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. The color PMS 121 printed in two parts of the world on the same paper will match due to the consistency of the formulas. Printers can order the colors by numbers or use the formula to mix the ink color themselves.


What is print 1 side and 2 sides?

 Print 1 side just the outside of the box. Print 2 sides is inside and outside of the box.


How to request a dieline?

 Once you selected the box style from our website. Provide us the dimension and to With your order placed, we will offer free dieline to clients.


How to place an order?

 Fill our online form and our packaging specialists will contact you in 24 hours and will guide you to go through the order procedure.